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Black&Callow becomes the leading UK Main Market IPO financial printer



We’re delighted to have worked on five of the ten largest UK Main Market IPOs, and the two largest AIM admissions, ranked by new funds raised to date in 2017.

In the UK Main Market, these include IPOs for Sherborne Investors (Guernsey) C Ltd: BioPharma Credit plc; Supermarket Income REIT; Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Trust; and AEW Long Lease REIT plc. Our AIM admissions include the Greencoat Renewables and Eddie Stobart Logistics IPOs among others. Alongside these UK Listings, we produced international Prospectuses including the WolkerVessels IPO on Euronext Amsterdam, and Waberer’s, the largest IPO on the Budapest Stock Exchange since 1998, among others.

Commenting on these, Tim Black, Joint Managing Director, said: “We’re delighted to be the trusted partner for so many leading investment banks, law firms, financial advisors, sponsors and corporates for their most sensitive, time-critical fundraisings. Reputation and trust are critical in our market. In an age when many of our peers outsource typesetting and other services, our decision to continue offering the UK’s largest in-house specialist financial typesetting capacity at our offices in Coleman Street, London EC2 ensures confidentiality and flexibility, and this has proved to be a winner with our clients.”

Chris Callow, Joint Managing Director, added: “Our ongoing commitment to providing World Class Customer Service also plays a central role in our success. IPOs place a great deal of pressure on both advisors and clients, and selecting a provider who will work hard to ensure that the process goes smoothly and without any issues is critical. Our investment in working alongside the Institute of Customer Service means that we can guarantee the highest standards of service, and the experience we’ve built over many years means nothing is left to chance and that we can provide cost-effective, intelligent solutions along the way.”

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