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Corporate Reporting 2020/21: new requirements and a 'Best Practice' update


Corporate Reporting 2020/21: new requirements and a ‘Best Practice’ update

From 1st January 2021, listed companies will have some new, additional obligations and considerations surrounding their Corporate Reporting.

Some of these are essentially ‘better practice’ extensions of previous regulations and just affect the narrative of the text, such as those surrounding Section 172; others impact on the way the Annual Report itself is produced, so require a more considered approach.

At Black&Callow, we don’t just provide services from design through to delivery.

We believe that helping you with the structure and content of your Reports, and making sure they meeting changes & challenges in regulatory, legal & best practice requirements in the best possible way, are paramount.

Our new graphic below highlights:

  • What the new regulations are for 2020/21;
  • Where you can find the original regulation, statutory requirement, or a link to more information;
  • How we believe you can ideally approach these within your Reporting from ‘Best Practice’ and aesthetic viewpoints, making it easier for your stakeholders to get the information they need quickly and easily.

We love talking about Reporting, and we’re always happy to consider and appraise your Reporting and – without any obligations – make recommendations you may wish to consider.

Please contact Tim Black, Joint Managing Director on +44 (0)20 3794 1736 or via tim.black@blackandcallow.com for an informal chat today.


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