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Covid-19: keeping your time-critical corporate communications on track


++ Covid-19: keeping your time-critical corporate communications on track ++

Given the current situation, a number of clients have asked how we're positioned to help with their Corporate Finance, Corporate Reporting, Insolvency or other ad hoc mailings.

Below we've outlined what we're doing and how we're uniquely positioned to ensure that we can continue to give you the service you need.

From design to delivery, printed & online
Around the clock, we'll continue to provide all our services from design to delivery. Courtesy of our iRoadshow platform, we can also provide a mechanism for easy distribution of documents such as Annual Reports or Insolvency mailings to augment or replace other delivery processes, or just to help with collaboration.


Our in-house teams are all working remotely

Unlike our peers, we don’t outsource critical functions such as typesetting, proofing or data personalisation. Using Teamviewer software, our 24hr skilled typesetters and DP specialists can dial-in and work on your live deals around the clock. This means greater information security and confidentiality, as well as flexibility and control, throughout the process.


Our in-house mailing can continue to work safely
Also unlike our peers, we own our own 3,000 sq. ft. mailing house and production unit near Tower Bridge. The size of this unit means we can ensure 'social distancing' and still complete your mailings, with full data preparation and personalisation.


How you can continue to work with us

Just email your files and instruction to us at: london@blackandcallow.com and we'll do the rest.
We can accept comments on proofs scanned to PDF; Word files with Tracked Changes; or even images taken on a mobile phone. We're here to help.

For more information please call us on +44 (0)20 3794 1720 or email sales@blackandcallow.com

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