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Management Buy Out of Imprima Financial Print


We are delighted to announce the Management Buy-Out of the financial printing business of Imprima from Mercurius Groep Holding by the existing management team of Chris Callow and Tim Black.

Simultaneously, the Imprima Group, premium provider of Virtual Data Room (VDR) services, announced its acquisition by OTM Participation following a successful restructuring process. The separation of ownership follows the decision in 2013 to separate the Financial Print business into a stand-alone unit within the company. Since then, the Financial Print business has developed into a robust, independent and flourishing business. To facilitate the smooth transitioning of the businesses, Imprima has granted the Financial Print business a licence to use the name Imprima and as such will for the foreseeable future be called Imprima Financial Print.

At the same time, Imprima iRooms will now focus exclusively on its iRooms VDR business. It will continue trading under the Imprima name, providing 24/7 service to its clients from its main locations in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and New York. As one of the pioneers in VDR platforms, Imprima will continue to invest in its cutting-edge technology, developing innovative solutions through enhanced security and functionality that not only meet but exceed its customers’ expectations.

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