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Saving the planet, one improvement at a time


New upgrades and planned future releases to our class-leading iRoadshow and IPO Research Online platforms - adding value to Research, Syndicate, Equity & Debt Capital Markets and IR professionals.

Events this week have highlighted the urgency of moving towards ecologically sustainable solutions. Printing & distributing IPO Research and Investor Roadshow materials have a materially adverse impact on the environment, as our graphic below shows, which is why more and more clients are turning towards iRoadshow and IPO Research Online.


Following detailed user feedback, we've added some new functionality to increase investor engagement and provide an unrivalled Deal Manager experience on both platforms, as well as providing a more ecologically-compelling solution.

Please take a look below - you'll also notice we've included feedback directly from our recent client and user survey, in blue text within grey boxes, giving you an idea of what you can expect from iRoadshow and IPORO.

New functionality releases to help close your deal

Follow the leader

Take control of what your investors see during a conference call. Now you can share your screen and control the turning of pages/slides in your investor presentations, allowing you to support your value proposition and focus on deal closing specific points.

At the same time, the Annotations function allows parties to review any annotations added by the Deal Manager or specific investor during the call.


iRoadshow allows for multiple documents in one room, which is a beneficial feature. Better price point too~Survey feedback

Annotations with options - iRoadshow

As a Deal Manager, you can now save your annotations within iRoadshow - and you also have the option to share them with your team alone, or with investors and all parties accessing the iRoadshow.


iRoadshow & IPORO allow users to change presentations themselves" ~ Survey feedback

Enhanced tracking metrics within IPO Research Online

Drawing on all available data with the IPORO, we can now provide even greater oversight on investor behavour, including graphs portraying a summary overview on all investor engagement; most viewed pages; individual views and company views per document, among others.


IPORO & iRoadshow rated 9/10 for Value and Reliability by all users ~ Survey feedback


A new Dashboard overview with detailed project information

We're also adding a new Dashboard to give you key information at a glance.
At a glance, detailed statistics on key investors engagement in your iRoadshow adds significant value, and will help your equity sales team quickly focus on those investors who have displayed the most interest via a variety of metrics


100% of clients said we got things right first time, every time ~ Survey feedback

Freehand drawing

To complement the other new annotations features, we're planning a freehand drawing tool to add another layer of functionality within iRoadshow


100% of clients said they would recommend iRoadshow or IPORO ~ Survey feedback


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