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Sir Clive Woodward OBE helps Black&Callow launch all-new platform upgrades

Sir Clive Woodward OBE helps Black&Callow launch all-new platform upgrades



We were delighted to have hosted a launch webinar with Sir Clive Woodward OBE and Jonathan Hall, Managing Director of Egremont Capital, on Thursday 11th March 2021.

The all-new iRoadshow+ and IPO Research Online+ platforms provide a new standard in IPO investor intelligence. Given our experience on over 5,000 IPOs and other Capital Markets transactions, we were invited by a number of leading investment banks to create a truly next-generation iRoadshow platform.

We have always been first to deliver innovative solutions across investor communications, from iRoadshow through IPO Research to Prospectuses. We were the first to offer cross-device compatibility, EU data hosting, page level reporting, presentation mode and annotation and highlighter tools. And now the best is getting better!

In November 2018 we canvassed the opinions of 17,000 investors to find out how and when they use our platforms, and how they want to receive and view Roadshow and Research material in future. Their invaluable feedback has helped us he first platform built for investors by investors.

Today, our next generation Plus+ iRoadshow and IPO Research Online platforms support you further with greater market intelligence and access to an unrivalled portfolio of opportunity. Featuring a promoter dashboard, bespoke access for your sales team to enhance client interaction, investor feedback buttons, new video functionality, Plus+ provides you with invaluable, unrivalled insight into investor engagement in real time.

To see more about Sir Clive’s discussion, please click the teaser video here:

For more information about he all-new iRoadshow+ and IPO Research Online+ platforms contact us on +44(0)20 3794 1720.

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