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Special Offer for Recapitalisation Issuers


Special Offer for Recapitalisation issuers during the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic

On April 8th, the FCA issued a Policy Statement which "encourages listed companies issuing new equity to recapitalise the company in response to the coronavirus crisis to use this [Simplified Prospectus] disclosure regime where possible. This Simplified Prospectus consists of a Summary, Registration Document and Securities Note containing reduced disclosure requirements.

In the same Policy Statement, the FCA reiterated that: "During this period, it is as important as ever that issuers and advisors continue to manage and control inside information. The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) remains in force... Crucially, in the context of recapitalisation this will include sharing inside information in accordance with MAR and maintaining appropriate insider lists." As a limited offer, we're offering a secure, MAR-compliant, iRoadshow platform for only £500 when we're appointed to produce any recapitalisation documentation. iRoadshow enables issuers and their advisors to:

  • securely share draft Prospectuses and other recapitalisation documents with investors
  • monitor and record all investor engagement and activity online, in real-time, exportable to PDF, XLS or Word files as a permanent record for MAR-compliance
  • demonstrate proper consultation with a representative sample of the company’s major shareholders, as documents and audit trails can be stored & securely shared with the FCA.


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