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Interactive Investor’s ’Dear CEO’ Letter and the drive to better investor comms

Interactive Investor’s ’Dear CEO’ Letter and the drive to better investor comms


Interactive Investor’s ’Dear CEO’ Letter and the drive to better investor comms

During this week, Interactive Investor sent a “Dear CEO” open letter* to ‘shine a spotlight on shareholder communications and help spark engagement’.

The platform is to launch a good practice ‘AGM Experience’ scorecard that will measure how well UK plc engages with private investors in the lead up to, during, and immediately after AGMs. It also notes “the importance of retail shareholder engagement and participation is an issue gaining momentum”.

ii's scorecard will measure how well companies perform in four different categories:

  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • User experience
  • Going above & Beyond


At B&C, we wholeheartedly agree: communication across multiple channels is key, and companies who 'go above and beyond' to improve engagement will reap the benefits. Just as every stakeholder group has different needs, making information around the company’s results available in a variety of formats helps surround engagement – and of course, ensuring that each company’s brand assets are consistent promotes brand value and inclusivity.

That’s why we’re now offering a range of solutions designed to help companies surround engagement with their investors, including:

  • OACC (operator assisted conference calls), webcasts and webinars which can be organised quickly and simply to host key results and quarterly investor & analyst calls
  • Slide decks and other marketing materials can often benefit from our design assistance, ensuring your brand is portrayed in a professional and engaging light
  • AGM Notices, Proxies Forms, Web Notification Letters and other price-sensitive shareholder communications can be produced with the minimum of fuss, courtesy of our secure 24/7 typesetting, production and mailing operations
  • Our iRoadshow platform provides a secure, easy-to-use platform for hosting results and investor presentations for Capital Markets events
  • Our Best Practice approach to Corporate, ESG and Sustainability Reporting adds value from help & advice with content, to fast-turnaround art-working, around the clock production and final distribution – in print and online – and full ESEF tagging compliance.

If you’d like to find out more, chat with us today: hello@blackandcallow.com




Photo by Headway on Unsplash

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