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B&C Data Cleansing services

B&C Data Cleansing services


The significance of data cleansing in policyholder, shareholder of creditor communications can’t be stressed highly enough. In today's data-driven world, the accuracy and reliability of the information we rely upon are paramount. Data cleansing plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our data remains accurate, consistent, and valuable.

What are the key benefits of data cleansing?

  • Enhanced Efficiency: high-quality, clean data reduces the time and effort spent on sifting through unnecessary information.
  • Customer Sensitivity: sending mail or email to deceased persons can cause unnecessary distress to their families, while sending duplicates to the same person can cause annoyance.
  • Cost Savings: incorrect or duplicated data can lead to wasted resources, from postage to paper to production time and can lead to significant wasted costs.
  • Compliance and Reporting: Many industries are subject to regulatory requirements related to data accuracy and privacy. Proper data cleansing ensures that you meet these obligations and maintain a trustworthy reputation.

The B&C Data Cleansing service

We’ve developed proprietary software which classifies data into four categories: UK, EU, RoW and ‘pull-outs’.

Prior to cleaning your lists, we provide Client Data Reports which give a breakdown of numbers per segment as well as list any ambiguous or unclassified addresses such as malformed postcodes.

On approval we can then run data sortation software to pre-sort data files into UK, EU, RoW and ‘pull-out’ order for more efficient and cost-effective print and mailings.

Deduplications can also save significant costs in the long term. Our Dedupe+ Service, which is currently being refined, includes Fuzzy Matching (repeat addresses) on top of an exact match deduplication.

Additionally, we provide Search & Remove: we can run key word searches on data files to either report or ‘report & remove’ specific segments including ‘gone-aways’, ‘do-not-sends’ such as deceased occupants and other sensitive criteria.

Recent developments include Match & Remove: where a client has two data sets such as .XLS files, we can run a Live Data file against a separate Addresses to Remove File, which then compares both, enabling us to provide reports or Remove (in Excel) and Report (via pdf) on instances within the live data file. Clients are then supplied with a new excel file with two tabs: Final Data | Removed Addresses for approval, based on exact matching.

For more information, chat with us today: hello@blackandcallow.com


Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash

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