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B&C helps with the proposed combination of two JP Morgan Asset Management trusts

B&C helps with the proposed combination of two JP Morgan Asset Management trusts


We're delighted to have been able to help with the proposed combination of the £2.1bn JP Morgan Global Growth and Income plc with the £71m JP Morgan Multi-Asset Growth & Income plc via a scheme of reconstruction.

A proposed rollover of assets from JPMorgan Multi-Asset to JPMorgan Global Growth offers shareholders exposure to a large, liquid company with significantly lower costs and a well-established dividend policy.

JPMorgan Multi-Asset Chair Sarah MacAulay said: "Your board has been conscious for some time that MATE's relatively small size reduced its appeal to investors, while prospects for the company's growth have been limited by difficult market conditions. Unfortunately, size does matter due to the implications for costs and for the liquidity of MATE's shares."

JPMorgan Global Growth Chair Tristan Hillgarth added: "The proposals are expected to provide additional scale to the company building on recent transactions and ongoing issuance, all of which contribute to cost savings for shareholders as JGGI benefits from its tiered management fee structure and fixed costs being spread over a larger asset base. This transaction further demonstrates the interest in the company's investment proposition and the board believes JGGI is well placed to continue to deliver for shareholders over the long-term."

If you'd like to find out how we can help ensure the success of your Investment Trust mergers, chat with us today: hello@blackandcallow.com

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