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Full of energy: VH GSEO's dynamic new Corporate Reporting

Full of energy: VH GSEO's dynamic new Corporate Reporting


We couldn't be more delighted than to have helped our wonderful client Victory Hill with a dynamic new Annual Report for VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities plc (GSEO).

VH GSEO is an investment company that provides exposure to a globally and technologically diversified portfolio of sustainable energy infrastructure assets that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) and are essential for the global transition towards net zero.

Showcasing the company's excellent set of results for the year including a 7.6% growth in NAV, a total annualised NAV total return of 14.5% and an increase in both cash received from portfolio assets and profit before tax, the Report builds upon and evolves the previous year's design and utilises Victory hill's strong brand and identity.

On a Best Practice front, the company's purpose and vision, detailed marketplace discussion with portfolio analysis, clear explanation of strategy centred around business model, KPIs, stakeholder engagement and risk are all present and highlighted with graphics to present a clearly articulated and accessible narrative.

Understandably, great care and focus are given to its ESG and Sustainability commitments, goals and actions throughout the year, augmented by an excellent approach to case studies and other explanation.

Finally, the approach to graphics, inforgraphics and photography keep the Report easily digestible and visually appealing to ensure maximum engagement.

If you'd like to find out how we can help you achieve Best Practice reporting, chat with us today: hello@blackandcallow.com

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