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That Friday feeling: dynamic Best Practice Corporate Reporting for Hostmore plc

That Friday feeling: dynamic Best Practice Corporate Reporting for Hostmore plc


We couldn't be more delighted than to have helped our client wonderful Hostmore plc (owners of the TGI Fridays, 63rd + 1st and Fridays To Go brands), with whom we've worked since IPO, with their latest Corporate Reporting for 2023.

There were two areas which Hostmore were keen to bring to the forefront of this year's Reporting.

In a period of extreme challenges for the F&B sector, Hostmore's strong second half results were important to highlight to investors and other stakeholders. In addition, their digital transformation journey continued to build, outpacing the sector on customer touchpoints and retention through their app and use of AI-generated email campaigns.

B&C helped Hostmore articulate these key messages and also ensured the Report encompassed Best Practice, including a refined Business Model graphic to provide a clear narrative underpinned by a detailed explanation of strategy and KPIs. The Report's ESG section was also bolstered, particularly around TCFD, while risk and stakeholder engagement sections were refined to give clear understanding of these critical aspects.

The result , we brought some dynamic graphic and creative content to the report, complimenting the energy and positive customer experience that is at the heart of the TGI Fridays and 63rd + 1st offerings.


If you'd like to find out how we can help your Corporate Reporting articulate your best investment case as well as meeting Best Practice standards, chat with us today: hello@blackandcallow.com


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