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The FCA’s reminders on Annual Financial Reporting - and how we can help you remain compliant

The FCA’s reminders on Annual Financial Reporting - and how we can help you remain compliant


On 22 May 2024, the FCA published Primary Market Bulletin 49 which included reminders to listed companies regarding their continuing obligations under the Listing Rules.

Among these reminders it contained three which affect Corporate Annual Financial Reporting, and in particular disclosure and filing requirements:

  • Deadlines: The FCA warned that it would suspend the listing of companies which fail to publish their annual reports within four months following financial year end;
  • Structured digital reporting (xHTML, including ESEF/UKSEF requirements): the FCA has seen not only a low compliance rate with the requirement to disclose annual reports in structured digital format, but also incorrect tagging of financial statements and a failure to upload the annual report to NSM in the correct xHTML format; and
  • Failure to file with the NSM: the FCA also noted instances in which Annual Reports have not been filed on the National Storage Mechanism (NSM) at all, and/or the RNS of the annual report does not contain a statement that the full report is available on either the NSM or the company’s website.

At B&C, we understand the pressures which Company Secretaries, Finance and IR teams are under following financial year end.

We can help you ensure you remain compliant and avoid the risk of FCA sanctions, via our:

  • Unrivalled firepower: we’re the only financial printer to offer 24-hour, in-house project management, production and mailing in central London, backed up by the largest specialist financial typesetting team in Europe, ensuring you meet the most demanding deadlines;
  • Fast turnaround ESEF/UKSEF tagging and xHTML production by an experienced team working around the clock, with full QC to ensure your data is correctly tagged;
  • 24-hour project management by the most experienced team in the industry, providing all the support, help and assistance you need to ensure you remain compliant with the FCA’s guidelines; and
  • The broadest range of IR and Corporate Reporting services, from Best Practice content consultancy, through design, typesetting, production and mailing of Annual and ESG/Sustainability Reports, to IR websites, Capital Markets Day OACC conference calls, slide deck design, iRoadshows and more.


To find out more, chat with us today: hello@blackandcallow.com

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