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Manage your critical documents with confidence.

We offer a full spectrum of services for the complete range of investor and financial documents. From ‘early-look’ investor briefings, confidential prospectus production and mailing, marketing deck design and online IPO Research and investor roadshows, through to corporate reporting and regulatory file submission.

Design & content consultancy

Our design service can help you create print and digital document layouts and covers for IPO and investor roadshow materials, through to data-intensive fund reports and prestigious full-colour corporate annual reports that need to inspire, influence and inform.

We bring a consultative approach to understanding your audiences and your communication goals. We can help you define the impact you want to achieve, as well as your schedule, budget and logistical requirements.

Whatever your challenge, our intent is to convey your message with clarity and confidence, and strengthen your credibility with stakeholders. In an increasingly digital world dominated by screen-time, the power of a printed document you can hold in your hand has never been more effective — if handled properly.


We run Europe’s largest 24 hour, secure in-house typesetting operation, providing you the fastest, most accurate document turnaround in the industry. Our highly experienced teams work as a key part of your group for the duration of your project.

Our specialist financial typesetting platform, 3B2, speeds up the typesetting and revisions process by enabling multiple operators to work on different parts of a document at the same time. We have the most robust and versatile platform of its kind. It produces accurate, cumulative black-lined, red-lined, clean and strikethrough proofs, with anchored marginal references, to ensure you fulfil Listing Authority, Stock Exchange and Regulatory requirements.

For Corporate Reporting projects we also typeset in InDesign, a more flexible, design-led software. This expertise also runs around the clock and dovetails into our ESEF-filing capabilities. And like our 3B2 typesetting, all documents are proof-read before being sent back to you, to ensure accuracy.

How do we differ from our industry peers?

  • we can capture your amendments via Track Changed Word files - saving you and your team countless hours marking up PDFs and ensuring faster, more accurate and cost-effective proofing
  • we do not outsource or offshore any typesetting. We believe this is crucial in protecting the confidentiality of your price-sensitive information, as well as ensuring greater flexibility and control.

You're in safe hands.

Proofing and blacklining

True pioneers in the field, we've worked with software specialists and Listing Authorities to create the fastest, most accurate and legible comparison files in the market. Around the clock, we can produce clean, standard blacklined, strikethrough blacklined, cumulative blacklined, cumulative strikethrough blacklined and redlined files.

Our unique software generates proofs directly from our typesetting platform, rather than exporting two versions to Word and creating a deltaview compasion, saving time and errors and producing documents that are easy to read.

We can also create and deliver document proofs in a range of formats including laser prints, digital proofs, lithographic wetproofs and bound book proofs.


Our translators work in their native tongue and are specifically selected for their experience with financial documentation as well as any relevant sector knowledge.

We also work with experienced bilingual proof-readers to ensure your translations stay true to your intent during the drafting, corrections and proofing stages.

We appreciate translation is about more than just words. It’s about understanding cultural meanings and how they affect the language of finance and business. It’s why we’re regularly asked to handle Arabic, Chinese and other non-Latin character based languages for cross-border financial communications.


From short-run, urgent Research Reports and Pitchbooks to large volume, complex transaction documents with print runs over a million copies, we have the resources and project management skills to make light work of the toughest assignments.

We offer digital, sheet fed litho and offset web printing options in the UK and internationally as well as print buying and production management services. We implement solutions which make costs and logistics work for your budget and schedule, backed-up by our unrivalled experience of M&A and Capital Markets documentation requirements.

Mailing and international distribution

We have extensive know-how in complicated shareholder, policyholder and creditors' mailings, a dedicated relationship with Royal Mail in the UK, and extensive overseas partnerships to ensure your consignments reach your stakeholders with the minimum fuss.

Unique in the market, our own central London mailing house and highly experienced team means that we can provide later sign-off times than are the norm in the market, providing you with unrivalled flexibility and ensuring complete confidentiality for your critical projects.

Our experience includes time-critical bulk mailings of over 3 million copies. We offer data cleansing and sortation, personalisation and barcoding, bespoke envelope printing, mail enclosing, consignment tracking and returns tracking - all augmented by attractive postage discounts.

Bulk email

Whether you need to send hundreds, or hundreds of thousands of bulk emails, we can help. It's part of our hybrid service, sitting alongside our print and mailing operations, ensuring you can reach your target audience in the most appropriate - and most cost-effective - way possible.

We can send unique personalised attachments and multiple documents, ensuring that the right confidential documents get to the right people in line with GDPR. We can monitor and advise on soft- and hard- bounce-backs, clickthroughs, unsubscribes and other rich data. With everything from mono body copy to glorious full-colour designed emails, we'll ensure your communications are as engaging as possible.

Digital services

We go one step further in helping you meet your sustainability goals by providing digital content and services to augment or replace printed communications. 

We can design and create ESG, Sustainability, Annual Reports and marketing decks with online viewing in mind, helping reduce costs and protecting the environment while improving audience interaction.

Our iRoadshow and IPO Research Online digital platforms further enable you to communicate with investors at each stage of a Capital Markets process, providing granular-level insight into their engagement and shortening lines of communication to help your close deals faster.


We've been a registered SEC Filing Agent for 25 years and have Edgarised hundreds of thousands of pages across multiple form types – from graphic-heavy 500-page+ 20-F filings, to 1 page 6-K press releases. No matter what size the project, we provide a complete and professional service from typesetting to EDGAR conversion and filing with rigorous document control.

We aim to provide accurate, high-quality and fast turnaround EDGAR conversion. We can either convert directly from your file (MS Word, pdf, excel) or, if running a parallel print version, our advanced APP typesetting system can convert directly to HTML.

Our experienced technical & customer service staff will guide you throughout the process. We have an in-depth understanding of SEC regulations, EDGAR requirements and all technical specifications needed to file successfully, as well as staying alert to any and all new directives launched by the SEC, such as the requirement for XBRL for which we provide a full service.


The ESMA’s ‘European Single Electronic Format' (ESEF) requires all European main-listed companies to prepare Annual Reports in the ESEF format, based on the iXBRL standard and requiring a final xHTML output. ESMA’s ESEF Taxonomy for tagging data is largely based on the IFRS taxonomy and requires XBRL tagging of key elements within the Annual Report.

We provide an end-to-end ESEF solution including:

  • Conversion and tagging from PDFs or InDesign files, simplifying the process
  • 100% tagging guarantee from an experienced team courtesy of our experienced partnerships
  • Conversion for final tagging within 24 hours, with rush/QTA turnaround if required
  • All backed-up by a wide range of Corporate Reporting services including design, content consultancy, typesetting, printing, mailing and web versions.

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