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Part VII Transfers

We’ve handled some of the largest and most demanding policyholder communications of the last fifty years.

Our unrivalled experience includes high-profile, large scale Part VII Transfers, Run-Off and Legacy policyholder mailing projects for many of the world’s leading insurance companies and their advisors.

Our end-to-end service is organised to save you time and costs and minimise disruption to your business, so you can improve engagement with your policyholders. And with our unrivalled experience, we’ll always provide you with smart solutions to make your transactions run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


  • Project planning, expert team 24/7
  • Secure VDR for version control & management
  • Data cleansing, deduplication & sortation
  • Around the clock project management
  • Largest in-house typesetting capacity in Europe
  • Contingency planning across all sites


  • Personalisation and data testing, barcodes for management
  • Multi-site web and sheetfed litho printing and finishing
  • Mailing – with 100% reconciliation
  • Liaison with Royal Mail to ensure ease of process
  • Downstream access for cost-efficient alternative
  • Flexible, robust - largest print capacity in the UK
  • Bulk emailing with personalised attachments
  • Call-centre organisation


  • Top-up mailings – planned or ad hoc
  • Returns management – storage and mapping via barcode
  • Final data cleanse
  • Witness Statement: co-ordination and production with legal counsel

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